A Q&A with Avon's David Kessler

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The author of our current ‘Featured Title’ David Kessler gives us an insight into his world

KillerReads: When did you start writing?

David Kessler: When I was 15 and on the verge of dropping out of school in the early seventies.  I wrote a screenplay with a singing role for myself because I had dreams of being the next Donny Osmond.  I sent it to my mother’s cousin – the film director Clive Donner.  He gave me some useful advice, but of course it was an early juvenile effort and nothing came of the project.

However, having written it I discovered that I had a talent for creative writing – as distinct from singing or songwriting! And so I carried on writing from then on – and haven’t stopped since.

I should also acknowledge the earlier influence of my older sister Simone, who was an avid reader and writer.  There was a certain amount of sibling rivalry between us and I had already made some preliminary efforts at writing even when I was still in school to compete with her.  Also I should acknowledge the encouragement and positive influence of two of my English teachers: Mr McLaughlin and Mr Marx.

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It’s hard to sit still when your client is scheduled to die in 15 hours! As he makes an 11th hour plea for mercy, lawyer Alex Sedaka is resigned to the fact that Clayton Burrows will be executed. Charged with the rape and murder of 18-year-old classmate Dorothy Olsen – a girl he mercilessly bullied and victimised at school – the case seems cut and dry. But then the victim’s mother makes an astonishing offer – clemency in return for the whereabouts of her daughter’s body before she herself dies of the terminal disease ravaging her body. On the other side of the Atlantic, a nurse watching Fox News recognises Dorothy’s name. Does she hold the key to this case? Alex must now convince Clayton to come clean – but he still protests his innocence. Is this another one of Clayton’s games to or is he an innocent man about to be condemned to death?

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