Aspiring author? Killer Reads wants YOU!

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Guess what? Killer Reads are launching a new e-imprint and we want to read YOUR book!

We are on the lookout for commercial crime and thrillers ranging from police procedurals, to psychological thrillers, to high-concept thrillers and beyond.

We are looking for fantastic writing that hooks us, making us want to turn the page and find out what happens next; and characters that stay with us long after we finish reading. We want to feel moved, compelled, shocked, and intrigued.

We want to give a voice to exciting emerging talent in the genre that may otherwise go unheard.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to read your novel!

Submissions will be open from the 29th of August and the 14th of September, so if you want to polish up that manuscript you’ve got sitting in your desk drawer, now is the time!

Click on our new ‘Write for Us’ section to find out how to submit.

Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival

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We’re off to Harrogate this week for a festival of criminal goodness. It’s the eleventh annual Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, and we are super excited to have several of our talented authors taking part…

Friday 18th July:

2pm: In Space, No-one Can Hear You Scream…
When is a crime novel not a crime novel? While the genre is closely associated with the drawing room and the dark alley, a new generation of writers are finding crime stories in more unusual places and producing work that laughs in the face of easy shelving. 2014 programming chair Steve Mosby discusses cross-genre crime fiction with Lauren Beukes, James Smythe, Sharon Bolton, and Lavie Tidhar.

10pm: Let’s Twist Again…
Plot twists are a staple of the crime genre, but how essential are they and what makes for a really memorable one? Alex Barclay, S. J. Parris, Simon Kernick, and Nick Stone discuss how important and effective a last-minute (or midway) reversal can be, how they go about developing the rug-pulls in their own fiction, and some of their favourite famous twists and turns.

Saturday 19th July:

2pm: The New Wave of Forensics
Modern methods of detection have transformed the crime genre, and readers are a savvy bunch – so how vital is research for today’s crime writers, and how do they go about it? David Hewson talks to Paul Finch, Dave Barclay, Elizabeth Haynes and Tony Thompson about their experiences with forensics, gangsters and police procedure.

3.30pm: How Safe Is Your Smartphone?
From Wikileaks to Edward Snowden, the public has been given glimpses into a world of international espionage that increasingly resembles the most hi-tech of thrillers, raising issues of privacy, security and trust. Chair Hilary Bonner asks Charles Cumming, Terry Hayes, Alan Judd and Tom Wood, four writers of globe-trotting, spy-filled thrillers, to discuss their work, their research, and how they maintain their fictional footing on such ever-advancing technological terrain.

We’d love to see you there, but if you can’t make it, fear not – we’ll be live-tweeting from the festival, and taking lots of pics! Hope you enjoy the show…

Crime Fest ad FINAL

The Strain is coming to a screen near you!

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The Strain

Earlier this year we were really thrilled to find out that The Strain, the vampire horror trilogy written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, is being made into a TV series, which we cannot wait to start watching. Del Toro and Hogan are writing the screenplay and Del Toro has been confirmed as the director.

We’ve been getting regular updates on who is going to play who and were thrilled to see the most recent announcement that John Hurt will play one of the main characters, Dr Abraham Setrakian. Hurt is such a wonderful actor, we can’t wait to see his take on the Holocaust survivor / pawn shop owner / vampire slayer. Another exciting recent addition was Sean Astin (Sam in The Hobbit!), who will play Jim Kent, a member of the team fighting the virus.

In case you haven’t read the trilogy (now is definitely the time to start reading!), it starts off with a plane landing at JKF airport. All of the doors are sealed, the lights are off, and no one on board is responding to calls from air control. Once the doors are opened, a team of scientists are brought in to find out what has happened as almost everyone on board is dead from a mysterious virus. Four of the victims are actually still alive, but that’s the only good news. And when corpses start disappearing from morgues around the city, things start to go from bad to worse… it’s gripping stuff!

So far, there isn’t a release date beyond ‘2014’, but filming is due to start later on this year, so watch this space!

Start reading The Strain