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Hello there,

So, it’s officially got to that time of year again when we wake up for work and it’s dark, and then we get home from work, and guess what…it’s dark.

So, as there will be many of you out there jetting off for some Autumn sun, or maybe you’re going off for a nice traveling session (I’ve recently spoken to many a soon-to-be intrepid explorer – seems the travel bugs come around again), or even if, like me, you’re going to power through the winter months with layers of clothes and mugs of hot chocolate, then fear not I’ve got a plan that means we can all journey round the world together.

Follow this link to our world map of travel Killer Reads. Read the extracts and journey to cities you know and love,  or get lost in towns you’ve never even heard of. If you are off on your travels this autumn to any of these locations (or any other destinations from your favorite thrillers) then please feel free to send us images from locations mentioned in those thriller books and films to or tag Killer Reads in the photo on facebook so the team can journey all over the world this Autumn as well…

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Calling all Dean Koontz fans! The Odd Thomas Movie is on its way…

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Who hasn’t heard of Dean Koontz? With nearly 400 million of his books sold worldwide, he is one of the biggest stars of our list, which makes us even more excited about the next bit of news…

THE ODD THOMAS MOVIE IS ON ITS WAY! And even more excitingly, following the first viewing, Dean Koontz is ‘whacked flat by happiness’, and coming from the great man himself, that just proves how incredible this film is going to be.

Check out his review here:

And for those of you who haven’t yet read the series, watch the US trailer below and get addicted.



The UK edition of Odd Apocalypse is out in July, pre-order now from Amazon.