The Chase – Paul Finch

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Are you looking for a freebie from a bestselling author?

Well, if you weren’t before, you are now!

Number one bestseller, Paul Finch, is giving you a treat this Easter. Alas, it’s not in chocolate form, but it does come in the guise of a FREE ebook. Not bad, eh?

You can get your hands on Paul’s terrifying short story The Chase now, plus, you’ll get an exclusive glimpse of Paul’s new novel, The Killing Club, before anyone else. Guaranteed to keep you entertained this Easter weekend.

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The darkest things happen at night…

What happens when you witness a horrific crime? Do you stay and help? Or do you flee? And what do you do when the perpetrator sets their sights on you…?

Find out in this heart-stopping short read from #1 bestseller Paul Finch.

Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch – in conversation

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From Rachel Abbott: I’m enjoying my journey as a self-published author very much and that’s partly because one of the great things about the self-publishing community is how supportive indie authors are of each other. We often compare notes, and offer each other advice. But I don’t really know many traditionally published authors, so I was delighted to be introduced recently to Paul Finch, whose novel Stalkers has been in the Kindle top 100 for over a hundred days. We had a chat about the similarities and differences in our experiences. Read More

Paul Finch asks himself, 'Where do I get my inspiration from?'

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lightbulbI’m often asked where I get my inspiration from, and the truth is that I honestly don’t know.

When it comes to thrillers, it can only stem from my own experiences as a copper, but also my fascination with the modern urban jungle – especially when viewed through rain, dirt and dereliction (the way I always perceive it) – as one of the most perilous backdrops against which to imagine high octane adventures.


But I’m well aware that I live in a curious place when it comes to writing. In addition to thrillers, I’ve also written horror, occasionally even diverting into sci-fi, fantasy and historical adventure.


So where does all that fit into the picture? Well, it’s a question I can’t answer easily.

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