Q&A with author Patrick Kendrick #killerfest15

Your name: Patrick Kendrick Tell us about yourself: I was in the fire service most of my adult life but always did freelance writing for newspapers and magazines. Initially, I was doing personal experience and crime related stories, but when Gerard Schaefer, a serial killer I wrote about… Read More

Q&A with author Mark Sennen @MarkSennen #killerfest15

Your name: Mark Sennen Tell us about yourself: Originally a programmer by profession but not choice. Decided to ‘finish that novel’ during recession when work was scarce. Now write almost full time (need to do a little programming to supplement meagre author income!). Married with two daughters. Live in the middle… Read More

Q&A with author Ian Sansom @ian_sansom #killerfest15

Your (author) name: Ian Sansom. Which is not only my (author) name. It’s my actual name. Tell us about yourself: Must I? Why? What would you like to know? Honestly, there’s not much to tell. Birth. School. Work. The usual. Tell us about your latest book: Oh yes, that’s… Read More

Q&A with author William Shaw @william1shaw #killerfest15

Your name: William Shaw Tell us about yourself: I write crime books based on recent history. As a younger man, I used to write deeply immersive non-fiction books, often about quite bad people. Now I sit at home with my wife and kids and make things up. Tell us about your… Read More

Q&A with author Emma Kavanagh @EmmaLK #killerfest15

Your name: Emma Kavanagh  Tell us about yourself: I have a PhD in psychology, am a police & military psychologist turned author, and am now kept entertained as the mother of two small boys (aged 3 and 6 months). Tell us about your latest book: Hidden is published on… Read More

Q&A with author Malcolm Mackay @malcolm_mackay #killerfest15

Your name: Malcolm Mackay Tell us about yourself: 33, ginger, Scottish, writer. That’s all of me in three words and a number. Tell us about your latest book: The Night the Rich Men Burned is my fourth book, the story of two young men being lured into the criminal world by… Read More

Q&A with author Tony Schumacher @tonyshoey #killerfest15

Your name: Tony Schumacher Tell us about yourself: I came to your planet three thousand… oh hang on, no that’s not right. I’m a writer based in Liverpool, first novel, The Darkest Hour, out in 2014, second one due 2015. I’ve had what seems like a thousand jobs, including copper, taxi… Read More

Q&A with author Bruce Holsinger @bruceholsinger #killerfest15

Photograph by Daniel Addison Your name: Bruce Holsinger Tell us about yourself: I’m a writer, scholar, and unhealthily fanatical soccer dad. In my day job I teach English literature at the University of Virginia. Tell us about your latest book: The Invention of Fire imagines the beginning of gun violence in… Read More

Q&A with author Rosie Claverton @rosieclaverton #killerfest15

Your (author) name: Rosie Claverton Tell us about yourself: I am a screenwriter, novelist and junior psychiatrist living in London. Tell us about your latest book: Code Runner is the second book in Cardiff-set series The Amy Lane Mysteries. Ex-con Jason Carr is framed for murder and agoraphobic… Read More