The Ponderings of a Heretic…Part 3

After the – apparently – bloodthirsty nature not only of my last couple of blogs, but also of my recent conversations with friends, I have decided that it is probably in the best interests of my immortal soul to try to avoid talking about torture or execution. Thus I shall… Read More

The Ponderings of a Heretic…Part 2

Thomas continues with series of blogs inspired by this month's publication of S.J. Parris' debut Heresy. Sometimes you read something that just makes you squirm and which you fervently hope never happened to anyone. So it was when early on in S.J. Parris's Heresy when it is mentioned that one of the Inquisition's torture techniques is to place a burning poker up the victim's rectum. Actually, I must admit that this is something that I have heard of before. During a history lesson when my class were learning about the Mediaeval monarchs of England [it's slightly strange how all that I remember of the years of history lessons that I sat through are a few tortures and odd deaths], the teacher informed us of the demise of Edward II. Read More

December Newsletter Round-up

For those of you not signed up for the Killer Reads newsletter – all you need to do is go to Win and enter the your details to receive our montly catch-up and you might also be lucky enough to win the selection of top titles we’re… Read More

Thriller School – Killer Reads Exclusive Offer

In this month's newsletter there was a special offer for all those on the Killer Reads mailing list to book their place on crime writing course Thriller School for a discounted rate. We managed to catch up with founder Sarah Williams before she launches the inaugural event in January to see what she hopes to achieve with the course and why specialise in crime fiction... Read More

2010 Crime Fiction Highlights

To whet your appetite HC editors Rachel Rayner and Sammia Rafique have put together a list of top titles you can expect from HarperCollins in 2010 whilst Mike Gerrard has put together a round-up of everything else you can expect and this will be going live in the new year... January Snow Hill by Mark Sanderson (HarperCollins) Mark Sanderson does for the 30s what Jake Arnott did for 60s London - vividly revealing its hidden underworld in an unforgettably gripping crime novel. Inspired by a true scandal that centred around Snow Hill police station in 1936. Read an extract here February Pretty Little Things by Jilliane Hoffman (HarperCollins) We've been excited about the latest offering from Jilliane Hoffman for a while now and there isn't long until publication. For an exclusive extract click here. City of Lies by Alafair Burke (Avon) The new fast-paced thriller from rising star Alafair Burke, where no-one in Manhattan is safe. And no-one is innocent. When New York University student Megan Gunther is murdered in a vicious attack after receiving threats posted on a campus website, NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher is convinced there is a link. March Heresy by SJ Parris (HarperCollins) Introducing the monk Giodarno Bruno, magician, scientist, and heretic in a new series of historical thrillers for fans of C.J.Sansom and 'The Name of the Rose' For more information take a look at the book page. Read More


A country awash with paranoia and conspiracy - but a safe haven for a radical monk on the run. Read More