James Smythe vs. Stephen King: The Challenge Begins

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You must of heard of James Smythe by now. What? You haven’t?! Even though we’ve been banging on and on and on about him? Well, in that case, let us refresh your memory. James Smythe is a fantastic new addition to our brood, and his incredible apocalyptic thriller, The Testimony, is one of our top picks for this year. 
And obviously you will have heard of Stephen King – in fact, in our ‘All the books you shouldn’t read home alone’ article, his name came up again and again. 
Why are we telling you all this? We’ll let James explain…


“My name’s James, and I’m a writer. (I feel a bit like I’m in a self-help group when I tell people that…) I’ve just had a novel called THE TESTIMONY published by Blue Door – it’s an apocalyptic story about the world hearing what they perceive to be the voice of God, told through the testimonies of 26 different characters from every walk of life. Each character brings something different to the table, be they priests, murderers or businessmen, and it’s through their eyes that the reader watches the repercussions of hearing the voice of the deity. And next year, there’s two novels: one from HarperVoyager, called THE EXPLORER (about death and astronauts) and another tentatively titled THE MACHINE from Blue Door again (about post-traumatic stress disorder and memories).

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True Crime is the New Crime Fiction

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The future of crime fiction lies not in inventing ever more colourful crimes but in focusing on real-life wrongdoing”

This is the opinion of David Peace bestselling author of The Red Riding Quartet and The Damned United featured in the Guardian today. It’s obvious that this formula is something which works for him– The Red Riding Quartet is based on the Yorkshire Ripper murders.

Peace comments that there “isn’t much point making up new crimes” but isn’t that the point of crime fiction, to escape into a frighteningly real -‘unreal’ world were you feel comforted by the fact that it is simple no more than a work of fiction or is the shock and fear that that these crimes really have taken place that fascinates us readers.

Whatever side you choose to take it’s a very interesting debate…