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Q: Your first thriller, The Genesis Secret, was set around an ancient temple in southern Turkey, and The Marks of Cain takes us to the Pyrenees and the Namibian Desert. Do you travel to these places as part of your research?

A: I try and visit all the locations in my thrillers – I like to think of it as a Tom Knox hallmark. About the only place I didn’t go to see for The Genesis Secret was the Isle of Man (I ran out of time) and Lalesh in Iraq (too dangerous). But everywhere else, from Dublin to Dorset to northern France – to Kurdistan, Istanbul and Tel Aviv – I visited them all.

The same goes for Marks of Cain – I went to (or had already visited) the Basque country, Namibia, Arizona, the Monastery of Tourette, etc.

There is nothing like actually going to a place to get those telling details that make a location come alive. For instance I recently visited an old Khmer Rouge lair in Cambodia for my third book. The house of the Khmer Dictator Pol Pot turned out to be situated right next to a dead lake. None of the guide books told me this (most don’t even mention the house). But a dead lake was perfect for my thriller, and I wouldn’t have known it existed without visiting the locale.

Q: Do you prefer the research or the writing part of the process?

A: The research and the rewriting are by far the most fun. The research is great because – let’s be honest – I get to travel to exotic locations, hopefully nice and sunny when it’s cold and rainy in England! And I am paid to do it – what could be better than that? Also I just like travelling.

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Tom Knox reveals the inspiration behind his new novel, 'The Marks of Cain'

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How do you write a blogpost about a thriller? I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. In the end I decided I couldn’t do better than show you the True Story which first inspired The Marks of Cain.

Europe’s Forgotten Untouchables

Sitting in her little house near Tarbes in the Pyrenees, Marie-Pierre Manet-Beauzac is talking about her ancestry. For most people this would be easy enough, perhaps even pleasurable. For the forty-something mother-of-three Marie, the truth about her bloodline is tinged with great sadness: she belongs to a strange tribe of supposed cannibals, apparently descended from Saracens. A tribe that has been repressed in Pyrenean France for a thousand years.
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Tom Knox

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Tom Knox is the pseudonym of the author Sean Thomas. Born in England, he has travelled the world writing for many different newspapers and magazines, including The Times, the Guardian, and the Daily Mail. His first book was the Genesis Secret; an international bestseller, it has so far been translated into 25 languages.

Knox’s career as an author began many years ago when he was fascinated by an ancient structure – the Gobleki Temple – which stumbled across while watching television one day, promptly headed off to check it out in Kurdish Turkey. Several years later, Knox started writing when facing pecuniary apocalypse: he couldn’t afford a train across London, let alone a trip to Turkey. His agent’s words, ‘there’s a good thriller in that’, rang in his ears and he picked up his pen. The Genesis Secret emerged shortly after and he has never looked back since.

His latest thriller, The Marks of Cain, was published in 15 April 2010; The Severed Men comes out on 17 March 2011.

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