In conversation with Lee Weeks

Avon author Lee Weeks publishes her 4th novel Kiss &  Die this month. Once again featuring Hong Kong detective Johnny Mann, Kiss & Die follows a  serial killer who appears to be a woman – her target, adulterous businessmen. Yet again, another nerve-shredding thriller from the bestseller Weeks and is perfect for fans of Karen Rose and James Patterson. Killer Reads caught up with Lee for a quick chat. Killer Reads: Who is Lee Weeks? Lee Weeks: I was the youngest of three daughters. My father was a policeman and my mother was a nurse. It was a difficult childhood spent continually moving. I went to eight schools, lastly a convent, before coming to a mutual agreement with the nuns that it was time I left. I came out with one GCSE in Art and was accepted to Art college to do a foundation course. I dropped out and went to Sweden to work as an au pair for a year. After returning briefly, I headed towards a kibbutz in Israel, without a map, and didn't get further than France. After France I stayed for six months in England taking a job as a hotel receptionist in Widecombe-in-the moor. I was given the sack after being accused (falsely) of Witchcraft - I went to live in a small Bavarian village in Germany and worked there as a barmaid before also being given the sack for being a witch! I moved to Munich, worked as a cocktail waitress before moving on to an American army base to live. I worked in a nearby town as a Disc Jockey. I returned home to take my missing GCSEs in a year and three A levels. Then, I headed off to Hong Kong where I lived for over a year and worked as a model and nightclub hostess. It was there that my, already evident, drug problem escalated when I was sold the local equivalent of amphetamine which turned out to be heroin. My supplier, Teresa, owed the triads money and I became part of the debt. After nine months of addiction, and reaching a near death situation, my life turned a corner and I decided to stop all drugs and to put my past behind me. I went into hiding, moving from hotel to hotel to escape Teresa. After three months, when I was at the end of my methadone program, I was rescued from the triads' debt by a prominent member of Hong Kong society,  with whom I had an affair. I was allowed to leave Hong Kong. Returning to live in London, I moved in with an old college friend, fell pregnant and married. I had a second c Read More