THE KEY is coming

Hello – and welcome! You’re in for a treat now: the world’s very first glimpse of the trailer for THE KEY, from the author of SANCTUS, the biggest selling thriller debut of 2011… Enjoy!… Read More

In Conversation with Neil White

We were lucky enough to get up close and personal with Neil White, the author of the chilling Cold Kill. If there are any questions we haven't thought of then get in touch and let us know what you want to know about Neil! 1. If you were stranded on a desert island, which book would you take with you? Although To Kill A Mockingbird first came to mind, because it is the only book I have wanted to start reading again as soon as I'd finished it, I would choose Shoeless Joe by WP Kinsella. It's a whimsical tale of unfulfilled dreams set in Iowa, although the film adaptation is probably better known, Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. 2. Where does your inspiration come from? If you mean my inspiration to write, it comes from other great books. When I read a really good book, I just think that I would love to write a book as good as that. If you mean for my plots, it just comes from real life. It's a real tragedy that there are so many people willing to do horrific things to other human beings, but I am intrigued by their motivations, their thought processes, and how they can live with their guilt. Read More


The Hypnotist is getting fantastic reviews at the moment, and it's not hard to see why. The Daily Mail said it was ‘ferocious, visceral storytelling that wraps you in a cloak of darkness which almost blots out the light, but still feeds the imagination. It's stunning.' The book has hit the Sunday Times bestseller charts this week and to give you taste of this phenomenon taking Europe by storm here's a Q & A with the authors.   Read More

Come face to face with fear itself…

HarperCollins imprint Blue Door is very proud to be publishing international bestseller, The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler. A thriller that has had the likes of Simon Beckett and Mo Hayder sleeping with the light on, it is already being hailed a classic. Having already taken Europe by storm, the wait… Read More

We get up close and personal in an interview with Tom Knox!

Q: Your first thriller, The Genesis Secret, was set around an ancient temple in southern Turkey, and The Marks of Cain takes us to the Pyrenees and the Namibian Desert. Do you travel to these places as part of your research? A: I try and visit all the locations in my thrillers – I like to think of it as a Tom Knox hallmark. About the only place I didn’t go to see for The Genesis Secret was the Isle of Man (I ran out of time) and Lalesh in Iraq (too dangerous). But everywhere else, from Dublin to Dorset to northern France – to Kurdistan, Istanbul and Tel Aviv – I visited them all. The same goes for Marks of Cain – I went to (or had already visited) the Basque country, Namibia, Arizona, the Monastery of Tourette, etc. There is nothing like actually going to a place to get those telling details that make a location come alive. For instance I recently visited an old Khmer Rouge lair in Cambodia for my third book. The house of the Khmer Dictator Pol Pot turned out to be situated right next to a dead lake. None of the guide books told me this (most don’t even mention the house). But a dead lake was perfect for my thriller, and I wouldn’t have known it existed without visiting the locale. Q: Do you prefer the research or the writing part of the process? A: The research and the rewriting are by far the most fun. The research is great because – let’s be honest – I get to travel to exotic locations, hopefully nice and sunny when it’s cold and rainy in England! And I am paid to do it – what could be better than that? Also I just like travelling. Read an extract from Tom's first novel The Genesis Secret Read an extract from Tom's latest novel The Marks of Cain Read More

Camilla Läckberg – 6th biggest seller in Europe!

It’s all about Camilla Läckberg! The Killer Reads team are all rather excited to hear that our very own Camilla Läckberg, has come 6th in the chart of Europe’s bestselling authors of 2009. Steig Larsson heads up the list with Twilight author Stephanie Meyer in second place and Dan Brown… Read More


A country awash with paranoia and conspiracy - but a safe haven for a radical monk on the run. Read More

A Note from the Editor's Desk

Blue Door are very busy indeed with the release of Jon Stock’s spy-thriller Dead Spy Running fast approaching. Here’s a sneaky peek at the paperback cover being prepared for release on January 21st. With the eighth series of hit TV series Spooks due to finish over the Christmas… Read More