The Marks of Cain

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In America a young man inherits a million dollars, from a grandfather he thought was poor. Meanwhile, across Europe old men and women are being killed, in the most barbaric and elaborate of ways. And a brilliant scientist has disappeared from his laboratory in London, taking his extraordinary experiments with him.

Tying these strange events together is an ancient Biblical curse, a medieval French tribe of pariahs, and a momentous and terrible revelation: something that will alter the world forever. One couple is intent on discovering this darkest of secrets, others will kill, and kill again, to stop them. Shifting from the forgotten churches of the Pyrenees, to the mysterious castles of the SS, to the arid and frightening wastes of Namibia, Tom Knox weaves together astonishing truths from ancient scripture and contemporary science to create an unputdownable thriller.

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Tom Knox reveals the inspiration behind his new novel, 'The Marks of Cain'

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How do you write a blogpost about a thriller? I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. In the end I decided I couldn’t do better than show you the True Story which first inspired The Marks of Cain.

Europe’s Forgotten Untouchables

Sitting in her little house near Tarbes in the Pyrenees, Marie-Pierre Manet-Beauzac is talking about her ancestry. For most people this would be easy enough, perhaps even pleasurable. For the forty-something mother-of-three Marie, the truth about her bloodline is tinged with great sadness: she belongs to a strange tribe of supposed cannibals, apparently descended from Saracens. A tribe that has been repressed in Pyrenean France for a thousand years.
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