The Fifth Victim

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The Fifth Victim – Beverley Barton

One by one he kills them… With every kill, his strength increases. But this time is different. This time he has found his perfect fifth victim… Deep in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, the victim lies, sacrificed on a makeshift altar – the gruesome work of a killer who has evaded the authorities across the country. FBI agent Dallas Sloan knows the scene all too well – just as he knows the killings won’t stop. Not until there are four more bodies… Genny Madoc’s ‘sixth sense’ has bought many of the town’s residents to her isolated log cabin, looking for help. But now it’s Genny who needs help from the disturbing visions she sees – images that are getting stronger and more violent each day…  Dallas and Genny must band together, searching the town’s darkest hidden secrets, before a twisted killer can complete a sinister plan that will destroy one of them once and for all.

Prepared to be petrified in this dark and gripping thriller, for fans of Karen Rose and P.J. Tracy.

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