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ThrillerFest kicks off today, and the programme this year looks absolutely brilliant. The event boasts a star-studded line-up, and we are proud to tell you that FOUR of our supremely talented authors are taking part! Without further ado, we present…

Simon Toyne by Toby Madden USESimon Toyne: Author of the bestselling SANCTUS series and keeper of magnificent head of hair. Simon is on the panel: ‘BARCELONA OR BAGHDAD? Researching International Locales’, at 9.30am on Saturday. This seems a particularly fitting topic for Simon, as his novels take place many miles from his home town of Brighton – an ancient citadel in Turkey, the Syrian Desert, the USA, and more.

Bruce HolsingerBruce Holsinger: Bruce’s stunning debut novel A Burnable Book will be published next January. Don’t be fooled by his scholarly air – he may be a renowned professor of medieval studies, but he’s also a fitness junkie, musician, and devourer of all kinds of thrillers. His panel is therefore highly appropriate: ‘IS READING REALLY CONSIDERED WORKING? Studying Other Writers to Improve Storytelling and Craft’ at 10.30am on Saturday.

Andrew Kaplan: Andrew is an international bestselling author, and was most recently approached to write the original prequel to HOMELAND, the hit television drama. I was so incredibly excited when I found out we were publishing this book. I love the show, and can’t wait to find out more about how it all began – especially Carrie’s background. Andrew is taking part in the panel ‘IS THE COLD WAR HOT AGAIN? Spy Thrillers’ at 2pm on Saturday.

Andrew Gross: Bestselling thriller writer Andrew Gross is also taking part. His panel is at 4pm on Saturday, and is entitled: ‘HOW DO YOU MASTER THE VOICES IN YOUR HEAD? Multiple POV’. This one sounds very  interesting – I am always so impressed with the way some authors deftly manage the various points of view within a novel – be it thriller or otherwise. I can barely keep track of my own thoughts most of the time – let alone multiple characters’ voices in my head!

All in all, it looks to be a superb array of really interesting topics – sure to spark some lively debate amongst the panelists! Others I wish I could attend are: ‘WHY DID YOU KILL OFF MY FAVORITE CHARACTER?’ ‘ HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN SUSPENSE TO THE VERY LAST WORD?’ and ‘FIST, KNIFE OR GUN? The Action Toolbox’.

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