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Tom Knox is the pseudonym of the author Sean Thomas. Born in England, he has travelled the world writing for many different newspapers and magazines, including The Times, the Guardian, and the Daily Mail. His first book was the Genesis Secret; an international bestseller, it has so far been translated into 25 languages.

Knox’s career as an author began many years ago when he was fascinated by an ancient structure – the Gobleki Temple – which stumbled across while watching television one day, promptly headed off to check it out in Kurdish Turkey. Several years later, Knox started writing when facing pecuniary apocalypse: he couldn’t afford a train across London, let alone a trip to Turkey. His agent’s words, ‘there’s a good thriller in that’, rang in his ears and he picked up his pen. The Genesis Secret emerged shortly after and he has never looked back since.

His latest thriller, The Marks of Cain, was published in 15 April 2010; The Severed Men comes out on 17 March 2011.

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