What's your favourite Camilla Lackberg book?

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Camilla Lackberg’s irresistible new book THE LOST BOY is out today, and we are celebrating by giving away 5 copies! All you have to do is tell us which is your FAVOURITE Camilla Lackberg book, and why? We’ll reveal the 5 lucky winners on Monday 18th March.

Good luck – it’s a tough choice!


21 thoughts on “What's your favourite Camilla Lackberg book?

  1. Can I still enter if I say I haven’t read any by her? Pretty please? (So I don’t have a favourite yet, obviously!)

    Oh, and your twitter widget is broken, it says no public tweets, which seems just wrong.

  2. The Preacher

    This was an excellent book that was full of surprises. It combined the past and the present to tell a story that was believable. Have to admit it was hard at first to get used to the foreign names and place names. But once I did, could not but it down.

  3. I have to say The Stonecutter is my favourite as it is gut wrenching and the twist in the end was just wicked.

  4. The Hidden Child–finding out about Erika’s mother’s backstory was really interesting. The WWII angle was really compelling.

  5. The Ice Princess
    Although slow it is a meticiously detailed story with a lot of colourful characters and as the story unfolds dark secrets are revealed. It’s very atmospheric.

  6. My favourite book is The Stranger, as nothing is what it seems to be.
    Domestic cosiness is expertly mixed with suspense here.
    The book was very hard to put down while reading.
    I also read it in Dutch.

  7. The Ice Princess was the first I’ve read. It was fast paced where needed, it touched on the personal lives of the characters and gave an overall feeling of truly ‘knowing’ them. This element was also within The Stone Cutter. I just recently (yesterday) bought The Drowning. I am stoked.

    The Scandinavian Fiction Writers need to have a space at Amazon/Chapters/Borders/Goodreads…. I am so loving Lackberg, Nesbo, Steig Larsson… great writing all around, and for those who use them-praise the translators!!

  8. I have loved them all, I started with the Stonecutter which was great but the drowning was the best and I have been looking forward to the next book ever since.

  9. I have read all of them so far and I have to say The Stonecutter, had the most impact on me in terms of emotion and the sheer number of twists and turns. All a great read though.

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