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prophecyThe second book in this highly acclaimed new series featuring Giordano Bruno has already been described as ‘impossible to resist’ by The Daily Telegraph.

This time it’s Autumn, 1583, and Queen Elizabeth’s rule is under threat.Giordano Bruno, the maverick and charismatic agent of Sir Francis Walsingham, spymaster to the queen, has infiltrated plotters at the French embassy. But his position there is tenuous – while the ambassador trusts him, his beautiful and cunning wife Marie seems determined to prise out his secrets.

Meanwhile, the murder of a maid of honour within the palace walls involves Bruno in deeper mysteries. Occult symbols carved into her young flesh point to black magic, but the truth could be even more sinister…

All we can do is echo The Times, ‘More, please’ and we hope you’ll think the same.

 In order to get your hands on a copy of S. J. Parris’ brilliant new Giordano Bruno historical thriller, all you have to do is read this passage and answer the following question…

Where did Giordano Bruno and Sir Philip Sydney first meet?


To enter, simply email your answer and your address to We have 5 copies to give away, so get reading now!

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