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We JUST had the most fantastic quote in for The Fire Witness. The Evening Standard reviewed it last night and called it ‘Scandi noir at its best’! Thank you ES! We have three copies sitting right here to giveaway. To win a copy, just answer this question in the comments: What is the scariest thing you have ever witnessed?

Tongue-in-cheek answers are absolutely fine (encouraged!). Enter by 27th August and we’ll pick three winners at random that week. UK entries only, sorry!

Good luck!

40 thoughts on “Win a copy of The Fire Witness!

  1. My scariest memory happened when I was younger, and I walking up the stairs to go to bed. Before I reached the door, my bedroom light turned itself on. I’ve never ran so quickly! My parents said it was just a surge of electricity, or that the switch must have already been slightly pushed in. Regardless, I didn’t sleep that night!

  2. Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice!

    As my husband had a bit of a crush on her at the height of Spicemania I bought him a life-size cardboard cut-out of Emma as a joke.

    I went to bed early and didn’t realise he’d put it together and stood her on the landing. I got up in the night to go to the loo, saw someone standing there and nearly died of fright – I was convinced she was a burglar.

    My shriek not only woke my husband up, but also our next-door neighbours…

  3. Having one of our pet Tarantulas escape only to have it launch itself at me from the top of a door frame 24 hours later (we always double check the enclosures are properly closed now!)

  4. My grandfather dying from dehydration in the hospital because my uncles were too cowardly to take him off the drip when he insisted on DNR.

  5. Seeing my son perform a ‘giant’ gymnastics move for the first time on the high bar. My heart was in my mouth!

  6. One time when I was a child, I was sitting on the sofa when I heard a creepy voice begin to whisper… “I’m going to kill you”… of course I ran screaming from the room, not thinking about the tape recorder that my brother had been messing around with just before that…!!

  7. My biggest fright came when I was a teen and my younger sister decided to frighten me by jumping out of my wardrobe. She went up to bed before and hid in the wardrobe but fell asleep. I duly went to bed and read for about an hour as I put the light out, it must have woken her and she slowly creaked the wardrobe door open and jumped out screaming. She could not understand why I was so upset as she thought she had only been in there for a few minutes.

  8. I have a phobia of snakes and one day my husband decided to record a programme on snakes. Well, I woke up screaming as they had crept out of the machine and upstairs. As he put his arm round me to wake me up, well obviously that was the biggest scariest snake wasn’t it, so I punched him. Apparently it took him 5 minutes to wake me up, I then made him check all around the room and put a towel under the door just in case.

    Funnily enough he’s not recorded any more wildlife programmes, but I did have to go and apologise to the neighbours for waking them up at 3am.

  9. A pool of blood on a new neighbor’s doorstep, plus blood on the door.

    As I’d yet to see the neighbour I didn’t know whether to knock the door to see if they needed help, or call the police.

  10. Huge arachnophobe, so when I was half way through a shower and noticed a large spid on the shower curtain grinning at me (OK, probably not grinning, but I was traumatised at the time, and might not be remembering correctly), there was a moment of girly squealing, the likes of which I had never produced before or since.

  11. My biggest fright was when I was looking after a kitten for someone while they were on holiday. I had it in the bedroom away from our own cat. I woke up in the night and found I was lying on something furry. The kitten had crept into bed with me. I thought I must have suffocated it but it was fine. My palpitations didn’t stop for a long time though.

  12. Years ago I was on a date with a new boyfriend. We went to a pub in a large park so had to walk throiugh the trees. I had just sat down and he had brought my drink and I felt an itch on my shoulder under the neck of my shire. I itched it and pulled out an enourmous earwig I screamed the place down. End of that date.He was so embarrassed

  13. My wee yorkie after having a bath, I thought i’d been invaded by a gremlin. Scared the life out of me I can tell you

  14. Hi,

    the scariest thing I ever saw was years ago when I was a student sharing a house with my friends. After watching a particularly scary ghost story on tv we had gone to bed when our lights went out, which coincidentally had happened in the film so I was very jittery. I volunteered to go and put money in the meter in the under-stairs cupboard. There was just enough light coming in from the street lights outside to see the meter but as I opened the cupboard door a “severed head” fell out and bounced down the hall – I screamed the place down and my friends all came running. Someone put money in the meter and the lights came back on – the “severed head” was a polystyrene dummy head complete with wig which had been stored and forgotten about but had chosen that moment to become dislodged and reappear!!!


  15. The scariest thing that I ever witnessed, was being in the passenger seat in
    a hire car, that skidded off the road in Corfu, and went down a cliff, to stop half way after hitting a rock!!

    Luckily, I walked away without any injuries, apart from damage to my trousers!

    Fortunately I was be wearing dark trouser!!

  16. the scariest thing i have ever seen is michael jackson when he dances and grabs his crotch…….always makes me squirm……………. hate it… and the little scream he does with it at the same time……scary moment… 🙁

  17. My late Uncle enjoyed fishing … he used to keep boxes of live maggots in the larder … I once upended one by accident and it put me off rice for life!!?*

  18. Then there was the time when I had a very close call with a small child and a milk crate … my son was playing at nursery and it sliced through his forehead … I’ve never seen quite so much blood. My son now sports a very ‘Harry Potterish’ scar! x

  19. It was just last night, watching Apha Papa, the sight of Alan Partridge naked from the waist down with his bits tucked behind behind his closed legs! Ugh

  20. Travelling home from work and watching a Nimrod aircraft circling over Glenrothes then getting a report on the radio that the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan.

    I thought we’d gone to war and I’d missed the warning!

  21. Years ago I was in bed when my mum shouted for me to get up. I was sat in bed and there in my bedroom was a little girl. I have ne idea who she was as I rand down to mum as fast as I could she had never seen me get out of bed as fast.
    I am an only child and had no friends staying over. Very spooky

  22. landing in an small prop driven aeroplane at Port Elizabeth SA in a tropical storm with gusts of wind approaching60mph across the landing strip.

  23. 1998- My daughter phoned me to come and get her and her toddler as she was too scared to live in her house anymore. Too many things had been happening; the last straw was someone scratching the putty from her windows at night to try to get in.

    I drove round to collect them. On carrying my granddaughter out to the car a group of 5 men/yourhs were beating the daylights out of a man with their fists and baseball bats. They were shouting abuse and making many references to money and what they were going to do to him. I felt sick and terrified especially as they could turn on us. A couple of them looked over at me.

    Looking back, I can’t believe what happened next but I know that all I cared about was getting my girls away safely.

    I put baby in her cars seat and stood in front of her – blocking her view of the scene and shouted to them. Think I must have stunned them as there was sudden silence and stillness.

    I told them that I didn’t know and didn’t want to know the why’s and wherefore’s of what they were doing but could they at least hold off doing it until I could get the baby away from here she didn’t need to witness this. I just needed a few more minutes. They didn’t answer but they didn’t continue either – not until I was turning out of the road and could see them start again.

    I drove around the corner to the Police station and described what I had witnessed. They knew those involved – they were dealing drugs and it sounded like one of the pushers had not produced the money owed.

    I wondered whether they would find a man or a corpse when they got there.

  24. One night i was watching a horror film in bed and i dozed off, which was a big mistake! i opened my eyes quickly like you do when your startled awake,and there on the screen was a full face of a demon! i screemed and flew out of bed, never before had a horror film scared me, this did how ever. word of advice never watch a horror film in bed when your tired.;-)

  25. Going out into my garden and nearly treading on what looked like a small elephants trunk, it turned out to be a huge caterpillar of a large elephant hawk moth, I had never seen one before and haven’t seen one since and don’t think I want to uuugh !!

  26. Whilst watching tv with my two children we all felt a draught of someone walking past us, then the depression on a leather chair of someone sitting down. I had to take a deep breath and pretend this was so normal that an invisible person would join us to watch tv ! I was freaked out but didn’t want to scare the kids !!!

  27. I was staying with a friend whose parents were art collectors and when we came in at night slightly drunk I freaked out at a life-sized statue in the lobby.

  28. A young child’s screams of horror after tricycling over a huge cockroach and hearing the bones of the creature apparently crushed, but then the creature moving… The child ran back indoors as fast as his little legs would carry him bawling his eyes out. Ah, memories of my cjildhood!

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