Win a review copy of SORRY and let the nightmare begin…

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You can say you’re sorry.

You can say it a hundred times.

But to the dead it doesn’t mean very much.


Bestselling author Zoran Drvenkar has written one of the most original and spine-chilling books that you will ever read.

To give you a taster of just how terrifying it is, watch the trailer below – but be warned, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

For your chance to win a review copy of this bestselling thriller, out in paperback on the 27th September, simply tell us what you’d most like to say sorry for…before it’s too late.

To enter, send us a message on or the Killer Reads Facebook page or Tweet us @killerreads with the calling #Sorry and your apology. The 10 entries deemed the most persuasive will win. Competition closes Monday 24th September.

7 thoughts on “Win a review copy of SORRY and let the nightmare begin…

  1. I’m sorry for not following up on a crime I witnessed as I came home from work – walking dowm the steps from train station and saw 2 guys on roller skates – they were not youngsters – 19/20 ish – the skated up to a woman and surrounded her – hassling from front and back – they grabbed her bag and both the robbers went off in different directions- I shouted to a guy could he please help her – me? – under 5 foot – female – couldnt have done nothing – I started walking towards this poor distraught woman and was – in my mind saying soothing words – are you ok – silly really as I knew she wasnt – can I help ? but she was just crying and then ran in other direction – always regretted just leaving her

  2. I truly am Sorry…
    For ignoring your voice, when you called my name.
    For not looking you in the eye, that time i lied.
    For taking what was not mine, but only yours to give.
    For hiding the clue, when you had nearly solved the crime.
    For saying i had locked the door, that time he crept in.
    Im sorry for so many things…I only hope that you can forgive my sins…

  3. I’m sorry that I can’t protect my family from every threat, hurt, or disappointment however big or small.

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