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stamp‘I took my picture again this morning. Still the same. The nose. The eyes. The brow. The chin. Nothing has sagged. No creases have formed. I scrolled through the “Face” folder in my library to compare it with the others.’

And it’s been this way for the last 10 years.


 John Farrell is living in the age of ‘the cure’. But if you had the chance to live forever, would you take it?

 See the Department of Containment’s reconstruction of John Farrell’s weblog and get the chance to win a ‘retro life recorder’, one of the few to survive the Correction from the 10s.

10 thoughts on “Win your very own retro life recorder

  1. I don’t think I would want to live forever, as eventually you would lose your family, your friends, and have to keep making a new life for yourself, which may be exciting for the first few times, as this is what happens in this life, but after that, like in the Time Traveller’s Wife, the Green Mile, I think sadness would overwhelm you, and you soon wouldn’t wish to live forever.

  2. Hmm difficult… The only way i would want to live forever was if all my nearest and dearest could as well and we all were healthy in body and mind if not then the answer would have to be a resounding no !!

  3. yes, as long as i didnt get any older than my current age and just to see what the future will be like.

  4. i would if i could be guarenteed good health and my family would still be around. makes you wonder though would you get fed up of living though?

  5. The End Specialist is causing a massive stir in the Killer Reads office. We’ve argued with our friends, families and colleagues about this. Most people think they would and then when they read the book, they change their minds pretty quickly! Look out for our opinions coming up on the site soon.

  6. One lifetime just doesn’t seem long enough to do all the things i want to do,but the danger of living forever is you may just keep putting things off,with the thought”there’s always another day”

  7. The world needs us to die . There are not the resorces to suport an ever expanding population.
    I would be frightend to se the breakdown of society that will happen when the resrces run out. On the other hand I dont want to die as there are so many things still to do.

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