2010 Crime Fiction Highlights

To whet your appetite HC editors Rachel Rayner and Sammia Rafique have put together a list of top titles you can expect from HarperCollins in 2010 whilst Mike Gerrard has put together a round-up of everything else you can expect and this will be going live in the new year…


Snow Hill by Mark Sanderson (HarperCollins)

Mark Sanderson does for the 30s what Jake Arnott did for 60s London – vividly revealing its hidden underworld in an unforgettably gripping crime novel. Inspired by a true scandal that centred around Snow Hill police station in 1936.

Read an extract here


Pretty Little Things by Jilliane Hoffman (HarperCollins)

We’ve been excited about the latest offering from Jilliane Hoffman for a while now and there isn’t long until publication. For an exclusive extract click here.

City of Lies by Alafair Burke (Avon)

The new fast-paced thriller from rising star Alafair Burke, where no-one in Manhattan is safe. And no-one is innocent. When New York University student Megan Gunther is murdered in a vicious attack after receiving threats posted on a campus website, NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher is convinced there is a link.


Heresy by SJ Parris (HarperCollins)

Introducing the monk Giodarno Bruno, magician, scientist, and heretic in a new series of historical thrillers for fans of C.J.Sansom and ‘The Name of the Rose’

For more information take a look at the book page.

Reckless by Andrew Gross (HarperCollins)

International bestseller Andrew Gross is back with his fourth blockbusting thriller. Once Ty Hauck has left law enforcement for a job with a big-time private security firm he quickly learns that life in the private sector can be every bit as dangerous as wearing a badge – if not more so…

The Tourist by Olen Steinhauer (HarperCollins)

The rights to Steinhauer’s superb CIA based thriller have already been bought by George Clooney’s production company so expect to hear plenty about Olen next year. Lee Child has described The Tourist as ‘first class – the kind of thing John le Carre might have written’.

Beg to Die by Beverly Barton (Avon)

New York Times top 5 bestseller Beverly Barton is back with Beg to Die, which promises to be as terrifyingly gripping as her previous outings.

Cherokee Pointe, Tennessee has seen some murder before, but nothing like that which has claimed the life of playboy Jamie Upton. The crime is so vicious, so personal and filled with hatred; the authorities are certain it had to be someone he knew.


The Courier by Ava McCarthy (HarperCollins)

The follow-up to The Insider, The Courier is set against an international backdrop that features computer hacking, financial double-dealing and high-stakes poker. McCarthy draws from her own insider knowledge, having worked in the London Stock Exchange and computer forensics.

Never Tell by Claire Seeber (Avon)

Former documentary maker and rising star of the genre Claire Seeber brings you a disturbing and topical psychological thriller.

With her three beautiful children, millionaire husband and Cotswolds mansion, former investigative journalist Rose Miller has an enviable life. But behind the domestic bliss lies a secret past…


Dead Silent by Neil White (Avon)

Neil White is a Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service in the North and uses his vast knowledge and expertise within his books. His forthcoming novel Dead Silent is a chillingly, gripping read – perfect for fans of Messiah, Wire in the Blood and Waking the Dead.

Digging for the truth can be fatal… 20 years ago, Britain was rocked by the strange disappearance of Claude Gilbert, after the beaten corpse of his wife was discovered hidden in the garden. Worst of all, scratches found on her makeshift coffin signal that the unthinkable took place – Nancy was buried alive. Conspiracy theories say hotshot barrister and handsome TV presenter Gilbert murdered his wife and then killed himself, but with no body ever found, the mystery has remained unsolved. Until now…


Soul Murder by Daniel Blake (HarperCollins)

We’re particularly excited about Daniel Blake’s debut Soul Murder. A cutting-edge thriller set in the US. Blake introduces us to his brilliantly flawed protagonist Francesco Patrese, FBI expert on religious crime as he struggles to make sense of the series of increasingly shocking murders taking place in Pittsburgh.

Accused by David Kessler (Avon)

Accused is the second of Kessler’s US based thrillers featuring lawyer Alex Sedaka – so be prepared to stay up all night with this race-against-the clock thriller for fans of Jeff Abbot and Simon Kernick as well as viewers of 24 and Prison Break.

Alex Sedaka is called in to defend 58-year-old black TV presenter Elias Claymore on a rape charge. In his youth Claymore was a black power firebrand and a convicted rapist who escaped from prison. After fleeing to Libya he underwent a radical conversion and returned to the US to serve out his sentence, reinventing himself as a neo-conservative.

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