COVER REVEAL – The Nemesis Program by Scott Mariani

‘If you’ve got a pulse, you’ll love Scott Mariani. If you haven’t then maybe you crossed Ben Hope!’

We at HarperCollins are very proud to publish the top ten Sunday Times bestselling author SCOTT MARIANI and I’m delighted to reveal the brand new Ben Hope thriller, publishing on 5th June 2014:

051342-FC3DA brutal murder. A scientist on the run. A plot to kill millions … Ben Hope is back!


With sales of over 1 million copies in the UK alone and publishing deals all over the world, Scott Mariani is at the top of his game with this sensational new thriller!

If, like us, you’re already a huge fan, don’t fret! The countdown has begun …

And if you’ve not come across Scott Mariani and Ben Hope before, you are in for a treat! But don’t just take our word for it – here is a snapshot of his readers’ rave reviews:


I can’t wait for the next Ben Hope book, one a year just isn’t enough!’

‘Ben Hope is a loner in the tradition of Jack Reacher… A seeker of truth like Robert Langdon… and as much as an enigma to many as Jason Bourne is… He is a British hero who is driven by tragedy in his past to right the wrongs in the present …’

‘Why have I not discovered this author sooner?! Like Dan Brown but better. Thank you Scott for a fantastic read’

‘An action hero to rival Jack Reacher

‘Seduces you from the word go … I was gripped

‘I’ve never read a book as quickly as this as I found it so intriguing, exciting, and enjoyable’

‘Why the name of Scott Mariani isn’t mentioned in the same breath as Lee Child, Vice Flynn or Robert Crais I just do not know!’

‘I like to read Wilbur Smith’s books and find Scott Mariani’s are just as good’

‘Totally brilliant

‘New, fresh and exciting, more please!!!’

‘If you’ve not caught the Ben Hope bug yet don’t worry, just hop on board now, it’s not too late to enjoy this series of quick “Jack Reacher” type modern day action mixed with some “Da Vinci Code” intrigue’


Pre-order your copy now!

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