Natalie Tambini

Natalie Tambini has more than thirty years’ experience as a national newspaper and magazine journalist. She created and wrote Cosmopolitan’s ‘Confessions’ columns, supplements and books, interviewed countless celebrities during nine years at TV Choice and Total TV Guide – infamously missing a slot with Julia Roberts – and helped to pioneer the ‘real-life’ writing style that exploded in magazines during the early nineties. Her work has been syndicated worldwide, and she has acted as ghostwriter for several celebrity columnists on women’s magazines.

A committed Buddhist, she strives to find the humanity in the killers who dominate her crime novels, and can’t wait to see where her characters take her next. Her fascination with murderers and the need to understand them stems from a childhood passion for Agatha Christie novels while growing up in Norfolk and Hampshire, and the gruesome killing of her neighbour during the eighties. She has also interviewed many victims of crimes as a real-life journalist, and those who endured miscarriages of justice, including an innocent man who spent 20 years on death row. She has also spent time working for animal rights charity PETA.

Natalie lives in Surrey, where her crime novels are largely set. Her eldest son, now 29, was a patient at Great Ormond St Hospital’s neurosurgical unit for many years, and her favourite quote is by the photographer Duncan Raban: ‘Nothing else matters once you’ve been in there.’

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