Do you dare step inside 77 SHADOW STREET?

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A fantastic online experience to share with you all today – a virtual tour of The Pendleton, an  apartment block standing at the address of 77 SHADOW STREET. A place with a dark and disturbing past. A place where every 38 years a terror descends on anyone who stays inside. A place where nightmare visions are becoming real once again…


77 SHADOW STREET is the latest thrilling and chilling story from the imagination of master storyteller Dean Koontz. To get a taste of the action, visit the link below to the 360-degree immersive online tour. It’s packed full of features, some of which we haven’t even found yet!

The Pendleton - where nightmares grow...

The Pendleton - where nightmares grow...

There layout is the actual building which Dean created, with all its floors, the rooms of actual resident characters in the book, and a shed-load of interactive objects and animations. Oh, and some terrifying things waiting to jump out at you!

Check it out, it’s a really cool idea that they’ve executed very well – let us know what you think too.


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