Homeland: Episode Four

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We’re already four episodes in to the new series of Homeland – what are your thoughts so far? Here’s our review of the latest episode. As always, beware of spoilers!

Episode 304

Did anyone else feel majorly hustled after the revelation at the end of this episode??! After weeks of thinking Carrie had completely lost it, and that Saul had thrown her to the sharks, turns out that it was all a ruse to get her close to Javadi. But at what personal cost? From what she said to Saul, she was pushed to the absolute limits of her sanity in the psych ward. I didn’t really like the way Saul just kind of fobbed that comment off.

I thought it was a good twist, in classic Homeland style of old. But was it convincing… really?

In other sub-plot happenings, Dana breaks her boyfriend out of the home and they go on the run. Then it turns out that her boyfriend is possibly a psychopathic killer. Seriously?? SOOO over this painfully boring story arc. Pleeeeease let them wrap it up snappily.

Also, we are starting to get hints about why Brody is in Caracas, as Saul and Fara trace the money laundering. Could be promising. Watch this space.

– Kate, HarperFiction

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