A Desperate Search / Colton 911: Family Defender: A Desperate Search (An Echo Lake Novel) / Colton 911: Family Defender (Colton 911: Grand Rapids) (Mills & Boon Heroes)

By Amanda Stevens and Tara Taylor Quinn

A Desperate Search
by Amanda Stevens

Something strange is going on at Echo Lake.

A series of obscure clues about his friend’s death leads Detective Adam Thayer to coroner Nikki Dresden, who’s eager to determine if one of the town’s most beloved citizens was murdered. Now they must work together to unravel a deadly web of lies and greed…or die trying.

Colton 911: Family Defender
by Tara Taylor Quinn

Struggling to protect his heart… and his family

One night between former FBI agent Riley Colton and Charlize Kent produced a surprise Riley never imagined—a baby! When his new family comes under fire, his paternal and investigative instincts kick in. As sparks fly, Riley and Charlize work together to track and capture a criminal…who will stop at nothing to destroy everything they hold dear.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 11 Jun 2020
Pages: 512
ISBN: 978-0-263-28039-5