A Man Worth Marrying (Mills & Boon Vintage Cherish): First edition

By Phyllis Halldorson


The sexy, experienced older man was definitely off-limits for third-grade schoolteacher Eve Costopolous–Gray Flint was her student’s father. Nevertheless, he inspired dreams of white satin. But could this sweet virgin bring the love-wary bachelor up the aisle?

Gray vowed not to succumb to any female–least of all Eve. But her compassionate understanding of his little girl’s needs and her provocative innocence drew Gray closer every day. Still, honor demanded he not take what Eve was offering…unless he was willing to claim her as his bride. But was he?

Format: ebook
Release Date: 01 Nov 2013
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-4720-7010-4
Detailed Edition: First edition
PHYLLIS HALLDORSON met her real-life Prince Charming at the age of sixteen. She married him a year later, and they settled down to raise a family. A compulsive reader, Phyllis dreamed of someday finding the time to write stories of her own. That time came when her two youngest children reached adolescence. When she was introduced to romance novels, she knew she had found her long-delayed vocation. After all, how could she write anything else after living all those years with her very own Silhouette hero?