Beauty And The Brain (Mills & Boon Vintage Desire): First edition

By Elizabeth Bevarly


Too bad sexy Rosemary March didn’t heed this advice – because as an adolescent, she’d harbored a secret wish to get even with nerdy, brainy Willis Random. She’d also has other secret wishes involving him – ones she hoped to realize if she ever got the chance.

And suddenly, thirteen years later, there was a chance – all six feet two inches of him – knocking at her door. And as Rosemary stared at the magnificent speciment that Willis had turned into, she swore she was going to have one more crack at him.

Prove to the science whiz that hers was a body as worthy of study as any comet’s. If it was the last thing she did…

BLAME IT ON BOB:The comet passes through only once every fifteen years… but it leaves behind a lifetime of love!

Format: ebook
Release Date: 18 Oct 2012
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-4089-9087-2
Detailed Edition: First edition
Elizabeth Bevarly is the award-winning, nationally number one bestselling author of more than seventy novels and novellas. Her books have been translated into two dozen languages and published in three dozen countries. An honors graduate of the University of Louisville, she has called home places as diverse as San Juan, Puerto Rico and Haddonfield, New Jersey, but now resides back in her native Kentucky with her husband, her son, and two neurotic cats (as if there were any other kind).