Christmas Data Breach / A Colton Internal Affair: Christmas Data Breach (West Investigations) / A Colton Internal Affair (The Coltons of Grave Gulch) (Mills & Boon Heroes)

By K.D. Richards and Jennifer D. Bokal

Christmas Data Breach
by K.D. Richards

Flames are burning inside and around them.

Security specialist Gideon Wright knows Mya Rochon’s research is ground-breaking. But when an arsonist destroys his ex-wife’s lab and puts her at risk, he discovers it’s dangerous, too. With Gideon’s protection, Mya’s determined to finish her project—no matter the risk to her life…or Gideon’s heart.

A Colton Internal Affair
by Jennifer D. Bokal

Proving her innocence is the ultimate test

While on patrol, police officer Grace Colton pursues a fleeing suspect, never thinking it could end her career—or her life. Suddenly, she’s everyone’s enemy. Enter Camden Kingsley from Internal Affairs, who seems determined to believe the worst about her. But during interrogations, their sizzling chemistry is obvious, turning foe into unexpected defender just in time.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 02 Sep 2021
Pages: 512
ISBN: 978-0-263-28355-6