Cold Case At Camden Crossing: Cold Case at Camden Crossing / The Cradle Conspiracy: First edition

By Rita Herron and Robin Perini

Cold Case at

Camden Crossing

Tawny-Lynn Boulder survived an accident that left several dead and two missing – the severe trauma left her with amnesia. Now, seven years later, someone is threatening her to keep the case closed. Tawny-Lynn must trust the sexy sheriff she once loved for protection…and to bring the murderer to justice.

The Cradle Conspiracy

CIA agent Daniel Adams is a loner out of necessity, but rescuing an amnesiac woman buried alive creates an instant bond that he cannot resist. All ‘Raven’ knows is that her baby is in danger, and Daniel will risk it all to find the missing child and protect Raven from the threat that can destroy them both.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 01 Dec 2013
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-0-263-90384-3
Detailed Edition: First edition