Cowboys Do It Best (Mills & Boon Vintage Desire): First edition

By Eileen Wilks


Chase McGuire knew he shouldn’t seduce his new, pretty boss lady. But he wanted Summer Callahan in the worst way. Wanted to show her what his work-roughened hands would feel like, as they rolled in the prickly hay in the barn, tangled in the cool sheets in his bed…


No man had ever made Summer feel the way Chase did. But she was a forever kind of woman and he was a wandering man who’d never commit to one place or one woman. Could Summer take a sultry, torrid affair and turn it into happily-ever-after?

Format: ebook
Release Date: 20 Oct 2012
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-4089-9267-8
Detailed Edition: First edition
EILEEN WILKS is a fifth-generation Texan. Her great-great-grandmother came to Texas in a covered wagon shortly after the end of the Civil War–excuse us, the War Between the States. But she’s not a full-blooded Texan. Right after another war, her Texan father fell for a Yankee woman. This obviously mismatched pair proceeded to travel to nine cities in three countries in the first twenty years of their marriage, raising two kids and innumerable dogs and cats along the way. For the next twenty years they stayed put, back home in Texas again–and still together. Eileen figures her professional career matches her nomadic upbringing, since she’s tried everything from drafting to a brief stint as a ranch hand–raising two children and any number of cats and dogs along the way. Not until she started writing did she \"stay put,\" because that’s when she knew she’d come home. Readers can write to her at P.O. Box 4612, Midland, TX 79704-4612.