Last Seen In Silver Creek / Deception At Dixon Pass: Last Seen in Silver Creek / Deception at Dixon Pass (Eagle Mountain: Critical Response) (Mills & Boon Heroes)

By Delores Fossen and Cindi Myers

Last Seen in Silver Creek

By Delores Fossen

He’s fighting for his loved ones’ lives…

A home invasion destroyed Theo Sheldon’s life decades ago. The sheriff of Silver Creek’s only comfort is knowing he saved his sister’s best friend. Now, that past has put Kim Ryland in danger once again. Because the person who murdered Theo’s family is intent on tying up loose ends. But Theo is done letting anyone take what’s his…

Deception at Dixon Pass

By Cindi Myers

A stranger with amnesia is the only lead

When search-and-rescue volunteer Grace Wilcox discovers a man who was left for dead in a snowstorm, he still can’t remember why he’s on Eagle Mountain or even who he is. But bloody footprints discovered near a crime scene spark a memory of deception and the chase for a murderer. As Grace works with the handsome stranger to find out what happened, they must rely on each other for survival before a desperate killer strikes again…