Liars Island

By T. Orr Munro

A remote island off the North Devon coast, Liars Island is home to few inhabitants. The rugged coastline has a history of smuggling and shipwreck, but there has never been a murder – until now.

When the body of Kieran Deveney is found on Liars Island, two islanders confess to the killing. Both claim they acted alone, and neither can be convicted while the other stands by their story.

The team is relying on CSI Ally Dymond to uncover the evidence that cracks the case. What she finds is a community awash with secrets.

Shortly after she arrives, the island is hit by a storm that prevents anyone from leaving. But it’s not the treacherous weather that Ally fears, it’s the people she’s trapped with…

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 21 Nov 2024
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-864470-3
T. Orr Munro was born in Hampshire to an English mother and a Greek-Armenian father who later moved to Devon. After university she trained as a CSI, then became a secondary school teacher. She changed career at 33 to become a police and crime journalist. She has since returned with her family to live in North Devon, the setting for the Ally Dymond series. Her time as a CSI provided much of the inspiration for the novels, shining a light on what happens behind the crime scene tape.

Praise for T.Orr Munro -

”'Fresh, vivid and totally engrossing: this is gold-standard crime writing bearing the unmistakable hallmark of authenticity” - Erin Kinsley, Sunday Times bestselling author of Found

”'Packed with authenticity” - Mail Online

”'A page tuner that will appeal to fans of Broadchurch” - Adele Parks, Platinum

”'This could turn into a gem of a series” - Sunday Post

”'Fiendishly clever plotting. I was hooked from start to finish” - Sarah Stovell, author of Other Parents

”'A tightly-plotted, well-paced story with a disturbingly manipulative, evil villain at its core” - Country and Townhouse

”'I genuinely found it hard to put down. The writing is beautifully paced and the double viewpoint creates great tension” - Alex Gray, Sunday Times bestselling author of the DCI Lorimer Series

”'It’s difficult to accept that Breakneck Point is a debut novel as T. Orr Munro’s writing is exciting, genuine and convincing” - My Weekly