Look What The Stork Brought In? (Mills & Boon Vintage Desire): First edition

By Dixie Browning


Instant Father: Former detective Joe Dana had a weakness for beautiful women – not pudgy babies! Earth Mother: Sophie Bayard knew all about natural childbirth – she just didn’t expect a handsome stranger to practically deliver her baby in a vegetable garden!

Little Miss Fatcheeks: Could this tiny dynamo hook Sophie a husband? Joe planned to hightail it back to Texas once he retrieved an heirloom from the brand-new mother, but before this bachelor knew it, he was strutting around like the proud papa. Uh-oh! And now these designing women were trying to turn this nonmarrying man into Father of the Year!

MAN OF THE MONTH: Beneath his tough exterior beats a tender heart.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 19 Oct 2012
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-4089-9237-1
Detailed Edition: First edition
DIXIE BROWNING is an award-winning painter and writer, mother and grandmother. Her father was a big-league baseball player, her grandfather a sea captain. In addition to nearly 80 contemporary romances, Dixie and her sister, Mary Williams, have written more than a dozen historical romances under the name Bronwyn Williams. Contact Dixie at www.dixiebrowning.com, or at PO Box 1389, Buxton, NC 27920.