Mixed-Up Matrimony (Mills & Boon Vintage Desire): First edition

By Diana Mars

Stop the Wedding!

When Tamara Hayward discovered that her teenage daughter planned to elope, she did what any concerned single parent would do. She joined forces with the enemy: Bronson Kensington, father of the groom-to-be. Surely two responsible adults could talk two wayward kids out of a disastrous marriage… .

But Tamara never dreamed she’d follow her daughter’s lead and fall for a Kensington male herself! Somehow she couldn’t resist Bronson’s sexy charm. Tamara still wasn’t ready to be mother of the bride. But suddenly, she wouldn’t mind being the bride – if Bronson was the groom!

Author: Diana Mars
Format: ebook
Release Date: 19 Oct 2012
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-4089-9153-4
Detailed Edition: First edition