Mr Serious: Mr Serious (Mystery Christmas, Book 2) / Stone Cold Christmas Ranger

By Danica Winters and Nicole Helm

Mr Serious by Danica Winters

Military police officer Waylon Fitzgerald left Montana to seek a life of adventure, but now his ex-wife is accused of murder and on the run. Waylon returns to the family ranch, where there’s more than a murder investigation waiting for him; there’s his ex’s sister, Christina, and her ward – a daughter he never knew he had.

Stone Cold Christmas Ranger by Nicole Helm

Alyssa Jimenez is a bounty hunter with family ties to the underworld that have taught her one thing – trust no one. She has no choice but to rely on the protection of Texas Ranger Bennet Stevens posing as his lover during a risky investigation into her mother’s death, but he’s getting under her skin!

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 07 Sep 2017
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-0-263-92924-9