Power Play

By Gavin Esler

There are no real enemies, no real fear – only those of our own creation. Another brilliant political adventure from the co-host of BBC’s Newsnight

The Anglo-American ‘Special Relationship’ is in deep trouble. The ambitious vice-president, Bobby Black, who wields greater influence over foreign affairs than his titular boss has fallen out with the British PM. The young British Ambassador to Washington knows he must step in. He is in a delicate position however – with the expectations of the British Government on him, as well as those of his father-in-law, the PM.

In a bid to orchastrate some good PR, Black is invited to England, accompanied by a plane load of assistants and CIA security. Guided by his aristocratic host, he goes out to the moors–and disappears. He is not seen again until humilating photographs begin to appear, and then again, silence.

The Americans are outraged that their VP has gone missing on British soil and the relationship between the two countries seem irrevocably damaged. But what can be done? Missing but not confirmed dead is a consitutional grey area, and should Black reappear, can he ever be trusted again?

Format: ebook
Release Date: 13 May 2010
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-734251-8
Gavin Esler is one of Britain\'s best known television presenters and an award winning reporter for the BBC. He began his career on the Belfast Telegraph and with the BBC in Northern Ireland. For many years he lived in Washington D.C. and worked at the White House as the Chief North America correspondent for the BBC. He has travelled widely in the United States and beyond, winning a Royal Television Society award and a Sony Gold award, and interviewing world leaders from President Clinton and President Chirac to Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher and King Abdullah of Jordan. He is currently one of the presenters on Newsnight and on BBC World.

Praise for POWER PLAY: -

‘This is politics on both sides of the Atlantic, served up with élan, cynicism and style’Daily Mail -

Praise for A SCANDALOUS MAN: -

”'A Scandalous Man” - is a compelling book, its political sophistication made luminous with wisdom, sympathy and brilliant story-telling' Bernard Cornwell

”'While Esler’s story is sweeping in scope and complex both politically and emotionally, it’s always accessible and fast-paced” - Daily Mirror

‘This is a cracking story, well told, with a conclusion that is as shocking as it is inevitable…Can’t wait for the next one.’Daily Express -

‘…tautly plotted and thoroughly entertaining narrative which neatly dovetails fictional characters with historical events.’Daily Mail -

”'…an acute and poignant account of the impact politics has on flesh and blood.” - Arena