Sniffing Out Danger / Undercover Couple: Sniffing Out Danger (K-9s on Patrol) / Undercover Couple (A Ree and Quint Novel) (Mills & Boon Heroes)

By Elizabeth Heiter and Barb Han

Sniffing Out Danger
by Elizabeth Heiter

Her first big case could be her last.

When former big-city officer Ava Callan stumbles upon a bomb, she seizes the chance to prove herself. Not only to the small-town police department where she’s transitioning to become a K-9 handler… But especially to charming lead investigator Eli Thorne. The only thing more explosive than their chemistry? The danger menacing them at every turn…

Undercover Couple
by Barb Han

This fake marriage makes ‘till death do us part’ a reality

Legendary agent Quint Casey isn’t thrilled to pose as Ree Sheppard’s husband for a covert investigation. But, suffering guilt over a tragic event, Quint’s determined to do whatever it takes to make things right. Yet when his impetuous ‘wife’ proves her commitment to the job, Quint feels a spark just as alarming as the dangerous killers he’s sworn to unmask.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 14 Apr 2022
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-0-263-30337-7