The Bricklayer

By Noah Boyd

A blockbusting thriller introducing maverick FBI agent Steve Vail.

“Move over Jack Reacher, here comes The Bricklayer.” James Patterson


A trained killer and former agent, Vail despises authority and he’s never met a rule he didn’t break. These days he’s working as a bricklayer.

Now, Deputy Kate Bannon of the FBI desperately wants his help.

Because someone is killing their operatives – in complex, subtle, twisted ways – and the body count is rising fast. Someone holds a fatal grudge against the agency; someone who knows how it works, and wants a bloody revenge.

And it might be an inside job.

To stem the tide of murders, Vail must re-enter a world he hoped he left behind long ago – his own past.

Author: Noah Boyd
Format: ebook
Release Date: 29 Apr 2010
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-736636-1
Noah Boyd is a former FBI agent who spent more than twenty years working some of the bureau’s toughest investigations, including the Green River Killer case and the Highland Park Strangler case (which he’s credited with solving). He passed away in 2011.

”'Noah Boyd brings his FBI experience to this dazzling thriller. The pace is frenetic, the action is unique, and the drama intense. We have a new American hero in Steve Vail” - Patricia Cornwell

”'The Bricklayer has terrific pace, surprises galore, and snappy dialogue in the appropriate places. Even better, it has a real hero. Move over Jack Reacher, here comes The Bricklayer” - James Patterson

”'Non-stop action and non-stop authenticity make this a real winner” - Lee Child

”'The Bricklayer is lots of fun, plenty smart, and great escapist reading. And Steve Vail is a magical agent. If I had my way, I’d read stuff like this every minute I’m not on deadline.” - Seymour Hersh