Carson Ryder - The Broken Souls (Carson Ryder, Book 3): Abridged edition

By Jack Kerley, Abridged by John Nicholl, Read by Kerry Shale

A brilliant new psychological serial killer thriller featuring homicide detective Carson Ryder, hero of the bestselling ‘The Hundredth Man’ and ‘Her Last Scream.’

It looked like an abattoir when they found the mutilated body of the young journalist inside her car. And if Carson Ryder and his partner had known what they were getting into, they would never have taken the case.

Too late, what looks like the work of a lone madman spreads tentacles that wrap themselves round all sorts of strange areas. And it’s not long before attention focuses on the city’s most unlikely suspects: the wealthy family whose philanthropy has made them famous and influential.

For behind every fortune, there is a crime. And behind their money and smiles is a family divided by hatred, a family whose strange and horrific past is about to engulf everyone around them – including Ryder.

Format: CD-Audio
Release Date: 01 May 2007
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-722446-3
Detailed Edition: Abridged edition
Jack Kerley worked in advertising and teaching before becoming a full-time novelist. He lives in Newport, Kentucky, but also spends a good deal of time in Southern Alabama, the setting for The Hundredth Man. He is married with two children.

Reviews for The Death Collectors (Novel): -

”'Kerley will truly scare the pants off his readers. This one’s another winner from a writer moving towards the top of the thriller heap” - Publishers Weekly

”'Kerley, who writes like a house fire, has a boundless and truly ghastly imagination that’ll keep you awake long after you turn the last page” - Kirkus

Praise for The Hundredth Man (Novel): -

”'A chilling journey into a pitch-black mind” - Michael Marshall

”'A sturdy hero with a clearcut mission and a setting that holds possibilities for fresh adventure. Kerley writes in a thrusting style that pushes the action from crime scene to autopsy table…” - New York Times Book Review

”'Kerley jacks up the tension effectively, building to an all-stops-out climax. The plot is a treasure chest of interlocked pieces” - Booklist

”'A serial killer with a difference: smartly written” - Kirkus

”'Superb… fantastic” - Sunday Express