Watch Over You

By M.J. Ford

‘Superb, gritty and realistic’ MEL SHERRATT, million-copy bestseller

The hunt is on. And this time, it’s personal…

When DS Josie Masters is called out to a house in North Oxford to investigate a serious incident, things take a personal turn. The body is Harry’s – her friend and former colleague.

Josie thought Harry lived alone, but evidence suggests he’d had a lodger – a young woman who has fled the scene.

And as more killings stun Oxford, the police discover the picture is more complicated than it appeared.

The young woman is on the run, and someone is following her – leaving a stack of bodies in their wake…

Author: M.J. Ford
Format: ebook
Release Date: 09 Jul 2020
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-832986-0
M.J. Ford lives with his wife and family on the edge of the Peak District in the north of England. He has worked as an editor and writer of children’s fiction for many years. His debut novel, Hold My Hand, was published in 2018. Watch Over You is his third crime book. You can follow Michael @MJFordBooks.


”'Superb - really enjoyable and gritty” - Mel Sherratt, million-copy bestseller

”'A cracking debut from M.J Ford. Well-written and sizzling with tension. Deserves to do well” - James Nally, author of Alone with the Dead

”'A fab, page turning thriller!” - Jacqui Rose

”'I absolutely loved this well written,riveting debut mystery and would have happily given it far more than five stars.I really hope this is the first book in a new series and look forward to reading more books by this author in the future” - Goodreads reviewer

”'Hold My Hand is an absolutely brilliant debut novel from a very talented author. It was impossible for me to stop reading, and when I really had to I found myself thinking about it. I can wholeheartedly recommend this novel which could well be a bestseller for 2018!” - NetGalley reviewer

”'The best thriller I’ve read in a long time! Really well constructed with an unsettling ending” - Amazon reviewer

”'Absolutely brilliant right until the end” - Amazon reviewer

”'Spectacularly assured” - Amazon reviewer