White Bodies: First edition

By Jane Robins

‘The perfect thriller’ Elle

‘Immensely gripping’ Sophie Hannah

‘Gripping, creepy and very addictive!’ BA Paris

‘He’s so handsome and clever and romantic. I just wished he hadn’t forced Tilda under the water and held her there so long.’

Callie loves Tilda. She’s her sister, after all. And she’s beautiful and successful.

Tilda loves Felix. He’s her husband. Successful and charismatic, he is also controlling, suspicious and, possibly, dangerous. Still, Tilda loves Felix.

And Callie loves Tilda. Very, very much.

So she’s determined to save her. But the cost could destroy them all…

Sometimes we love too much.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 28 Dec 2017
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0-00-821754-9
Detailed Edition: First edition
Jane Robins began her career as a journalist with The Economist, the BBC & the Independent on Sunday. She has written three previous books of non-fiction, The Rebel Queen (Simon & Schuster) The Magnificent Spilsbury and The Curious Case of Dr. Adams (both John Murray).

”'White Bodies will keep you up all night and have you turning to your sleeping soulmate with the thought, 'Who ARE you?'” - Julie Burchill

”'This book is immensely gripping - kept me on the edge of my sun lounger all day, till I got to the end” - Sophie Hannah

”'Gripping, creepy and very addictive!” - BA Paris

'A totally absorbing and compelling read - loved it! At the halfway point, it made me gasp out loud and I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough to find out what happened.' Sue Fortin -

”'An incredibly compelling, horribly believable tale of obsession, sisterhood and the mental rabbit holes that can creep up on us all.” - Phoebe Morgan

”'White Bodies is a masterpiece of manipulation - a dark and twisting exploration of a complicated love that's at once pure, corrupt, and blinding, with an ending that's as inevitable as it is unexpected. It's not often I read a novel and wish I'd written it. This is that book. A triumph!” - Karen Dionne

”'Breathless, sharp and dark. White Bodies is hard not to obsess over.” - Ross Armstrong