Carsons & Delaneys: Battle Tested - Wyoming Cowboy Bodyguard: Wyoming Cowboy Bodyguard (Carsons & Delaneys: Battle Tested) / Killer Investigation (Twilight’s Children) (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Carsons & Delaneys: Battle Tested)

By Nicole Helm and Amanda Stevens


by Nicole Helm

Her bodyguard was murdered.

Will she be next

Following her scandalous divorce, fans turned on country music “bad girl” Daisy Delaney. Now someone wants her dead. But ex-FBI agent Zach Simmons isn’t letting this violent psychopath get any closer to Daisy. Because this bodyguard will do whatever it takes to protect the bad girl he’s falling for.


by Amanda Stevens

Some things you never forget…

Because they’ll never let you. 

When Arden Mayfair returns to her hometown, Lawyer Reid Sutton appears on her doorstep with a warning … her mother has been murdered and Arden may have seen the killer. Reid may be the man Arden left behind, but he’s taking no chances with her safety…

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 13 Jun 2019
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-0-263-27426-4