Prophecy Foretells Death of Queen Elizabeth

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False alarm Prince Charles, it’s set over 400 years ago. But we do have a trailer which predicts another fantastic Giordano Bruno thriller from S.J. Parris.


Prophecy sees Giordano Bruno, the charismatic and maverick agent of Sir Francis Walsingham, spymaster to the queen, infiltrating a group of powerful Catholics at the French embassy. His mission is to secure the evidence that will allow the execution of Mary Stuart and her cohorts for treason. Meanwhile, at the palace, a series of hideous murders have taken place. Occult symbols carved into the young women’s flesh point to black magic, but the truth could be even more sinister…

A Sunday Times bestseller, Prophecy has been described by the Telegraph as ‘impossible to resist’ and with a trailer like this it’s hard not to.


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