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Hello there,

So, it’s officially got to that time of year again when we wake up for work and it’s dark, and then we get home from work, and guess what…it’s dark.

So, as there will be many of you out there jetting off for some Autumn sun, or maybe you’re going off for a nice traveling session (I’ve recently spoken to many a soon-to-be intrepid explorer – seems the travel bugs come around again), or even if, like me, you’re going to power through the winter months with layers of clothes and mugs of hot chocolate, then fear not I’ve got a plan that means we can all journey round the world together.

Follow this link to our world map of travel Killer Reads. Read the extracts and journey to cities you know and love,  or get lost in towns you’ve never even heard of. If you are off on your travels this autumn to any of these locations (or any other destinations from your favorite thrillers) then please feel free to send us images from locations mentioned in those thriller books and films to or tag Killer Reads in the photo on facebook so the team can journey all over the world this Autumn as well…

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2010 Crime Fiction Highlights

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To whet your appetite HC editors Rachel Rayner and Sammia Rafique have put together a list of top titles you can expect from HarperCollins in 2010 whilst Mike Gerrard has put together a round-up of everything else you can expect and this will be going live in the new year…


Snow Hill by Mark Sanderson (HarperCollins)

Mark Sanderson does for the 30s what Jake Arnott did for 60s London – vividly revealing its hidden underworld in an unforgettably gripping crime novel. Inspired by a true scandal that centred around Snow Hill police station in 1936.

Read an extract here


Pretty Little Things by Jilliane Hoffman (HarperCollins)

We’ve been excited about the latest offering from Jilliane Hoffman for a while now and there isn’t long until publication. For an exclusive extract click here.

City of Lies by Alafair Burke (Avon)

The new fast-paced thriller from rising star Alafair Burke, where no-one in Manhattan is safe. And no-one is innocent. When New York University student Megan Gunther is murdered in a vicious attack after receiving threats posted on a campus website, NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher is convinced there is a link.


Heresy by SJ Parris (HarperCollins)

Introducing the monk Giodarno Bruno, magician, scientist, and heretic in a new series of historical thrillers for fans of C.J.Sansom and ‘The Name of the Rose’

For more information take a look at the book page.

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Beverly Barton Blogs…

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As promised this week’s featured author Beverly Barton, has written a blog exclusively for Killer Reads…

I find it intriguing to delve into the minds of my characters, villains in particular.  I try to create villains (male or female) who are multi-dimensional, not just pure evil.  I prefer flawed heroes and heroines, people who struggle with failures as we all do and discover that true happiness comes from loving and being loved. 


Several years ago, less than a hundred miles from where I live in Alabama, a woman shot her husband while he slept, took their young children and ran in the middle of the night.  Her husband was a minister, a highly-respected member of the community.  That case fascinated me because I wanted to know why she had killed him.  During her trial, she revealed an ugly secret – her husband had been abusing her for years and she feared he would abuse their children.  She is a murderer and yet a jury found her not guilty. Was her motivation for killing justified?  Real-life stories such as this remind me of how complex the crime of murder is and how it affects not only the killer and the victim, but their friends, families and community.

My latest release, THE FIFTH VICTIM, is the first book in my Cherokee Pointe trilogy.  The hero, Dallas Sloan, is an FBI agent who is tracking a serial killer.  My heroine, Genny Madoc, has inherited the gift of “second sight” from her Cherokee Indian (Native American) grandmother and her “gift” puts her in grave danger. The second and third novels in the trilogy are:  THE LAST TO DIE and AS GOOD AS DEAD DIE both published next year.  All three books are set in the Smoky Mountains, in the fictitious town of Cherokee Pointe.


And as if that wasn’t enough, I will also be publishing SILENT KILLER (trailer on the way!), this September which tells the tale of old lovers reunited.  Each returns to their hometown to rebuild their lives, he after being wounded in Iraq and she after suffering an emotional breakdown when her husband was brutally murdered.  The villain of this novel kills in a horribly gruesome way – by dousing the victims in gasoline and setting them on fire.


At present, I am working on a new novel, DEAD BY MIDNIGHT, that brings secondary characters from SILENT KILLER into lead roles.  As soon as the manuscript is completed and on my editor’s desk, I have a treat waiting for me at the top of my to-be-read stack – James Patterson’s latest Women’s Murder Club novel, THE 8TH CONFESSION.  I’m a huge Patterson fan and am hooked on this series.