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win Hannahs height in books























Sadly for us, this month we are losing Killer Reads member Hannah. But luckily for you, we’re celebrating with a competition!

To enter, simply tell us who your favourite crime author is and why, and you could win five books to add to your collection!

You can post on here, email us at killerreads@harpercollins.co.uk or tweet at us @KillerReads.

Competition closes at midnight on 21st June. Good luck!


47 thoughts on “We're giving away Hannah's height in books!

  1. The double act that is Wahloo and Sjowall – they were the great pioneers, had a strong social conscience, told their stories artfully and passionately… and to top it all, kept one reading. No one quite like them.

  2. Hey ladies!!!

    Sorry you are leaving Hannah! I love your combined tweets!

    I think Tess Gerritsen is my favourite.
    She is the only crime author to have written a book so terrifying that during last summer, when it was BOILING I was too scared to open my bedroom window and sleep with it open during the night time!

    The murderer in this particular book would climb in through apartment windows of females who lived alone and murder them in their sleep!
    Scared the living day lights out of me!

    Sign of excellent impact writing

  3. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for this super competition! I hope Hannah enjoyes her new job – wherever that may be! 🙂

    I have so many favourite crime authors but I will go with Paula Daly because she is really new & fresh in my mind. Just What Kind of Mother Are You chilled me to the bone and Paula Daly’s fabulous writing pulled me in from the very first page. So she is a new favourite for me & I’ll be on the look out for more books by her.

  4. Oh this is tricky! But I think Camilla lackberg!
    Gripping yet with a different slant on the way they are told. Love them.

  5. Fantastic answers so far, guys! Thank you very much for all the luck in my new job! Luckily I am only two floors away (I’m moving over to Non Fiction) so close enough to steal all of Kate’s books and maybe post the occasional comment!

    Fingers crossed for all of you!


  6. I have a few favourites and not sure if they come under the heading ‘crime’. James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Michael Crichton and Simon Toyne. Why am I always surprised by the twists and endings? These guys catch me out every time. They always keep me guessing and can’t wait for their next book.

  7. James Patterson is my favourite crime author at this present time. ust cannot put his books down once I start reading.

  8. The late Robert B Parker – whether writing about Spenser (the best), Jesse Stone (hats off to Tom Selleck), Sunny Randall (much missed) or Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, you were always sure of a good read. And now that the first three have been taken on by Ace Atkins (he’s great, too), Michael Brandman and Robert Knott, respectively, we can enjoy them all for many years to come – I hope.

  9. Harlan Coben – just love his books, almost too good to be put down and life passes me by when I start reading.

  10. For me it has to be Mark Billingham – if you know a little about Tom Thorne and his many exploits you will very much understand why I’ve picked his creator.

    Best of luck Hannah – I know the camera can play tricks but I really didn’t envisage you as 6’7″ – oh well more books for all of us!!!!

  11. I have a few favourites, but my new favourite has to be Lars Kepler. I read The Fire Witness recently and it was absolutely brilliant. Kept finding myself sneaking off from doing jobs around the house to get another five minutes with it!

  12. Dearest Hannah, Such a shame that you are leaving the best, baddest and most incredible ( in my humble opinion) ‘Killer’ team ever. Wish you well in your future endeavours.

    Anyway, the list of authors on your books is unsurpassable, despite loving them all, for the sake of this competition, Hannah’s height in books ( We can all hope that she is 10 ft tall)! I have to praise the brilliant Neil White. His books are truly original and with more thrills than Alton Towers!

    The characters are loveable and despicable, wonderful and wicked in equal measures. From the offset until the last page, the reader just gasps for air and when you close the book, after the final chapter, indeed, we beg for more.

    Mainly, his writing skill provokes your imagination, you feel as if you are on the sidelines, witnessing the thrills as they unfold, you shiver in the dark places his characters take you and revel in the plight of the heroes! For that, Neil White, I thank you. You truly guarantee a Killer Read… Leaving me guessing and fretting, long after the bedside lamp is switched off!

  13. I too have a few favourites. Peter James, Jane Casey, Mari Hannah, Casey Hill, Neil White, Simon Beckett, S J Bolton etc etc!

    I like to guess the endings but rarely get it right. It’s fun trying though and I’m particularly keen to add to my forensic knowledge.

  14. I’d have to choose Stieg Larsson, only 3 books but each one captivating – I stayed up all night to read each one. They had it all – story, thrillsm believability and good characters.

  15. It has to be Stuart MacBride for the good stories and the brilliant interplay between McRae and Steel.

  16. My Favourite Crime author at the moment is Lee Childs. I have read 6 of his books so far and love how different each was. So many writers have similar themes running through their novels but these were all so different. There is so much attention to detail in the writing it makes it very real.

  17. One of my few favourites is Michael Connelly. I like his style of story. They keep me on the edge and wonder what will happen next.

  18. Elizabeth Haynes is my favourite crime author at the moment. Each of her books vary so greatly and are not the typical ‘who done it’. They are all great page turners and although you want to keep on reading, it’s almost disappointing when you finish another brilliant thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. Can’t wait for her next one!

  19. At the moment I’m loving Ann Cleeves’ Vera series. I love the characters and with the books set around my home town that just adds to it!

  20. Good luck Hannah!
    My favourite is Agatha Christie – cannot be beaten for plot, characters etc, will be read and remembered long after other crime fiction writers are forgotten

  21. Its got to be the originator of the “thinking” detective surely? For me, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle remains by far the best crime novelist of all time.

  22. Has to be Lee Child for me.
    His Jack Reacher character is superbly laid back, trouble goes looking for him, and he deals with it decisively. Leave him alone, do the rightthing and there is no problem. He is a real good guy, would want him on my side

  23. I think I would have to say Elly Griffiths as being a fellow mum to twins I think it is inspirational how she manages to write so many really good books. Keep up the good work Elly!

  24. Got to be Lisa Gardner her books are well written & keep you guessing til the end. That siad i also like Mark Billingham, Linwood Barclay (whos books are getting better with each one) Brian Freeman, & Jack Kerley. Recently read one of Jullian Hoffman’s & really enjoyed that as well.

  25. My favourite is Ian Rankin with his weaving of daily life and the city of Edinburgh into gritty crime stories


  27. i love lots of authors but as i’m reading one at the moment it has to be martina cole

  28. Good luck Hannah in whatever you move onto next.My answer would be Stuart McBride am thoroughly enjoying his books set in and around the Aberdeen area adds a little frisson to the reading experience

  29. I owe a lot to Ed McBain (the late Evan Hunter) for giving me the reading bug when I was newly married in the late 60s. I soon had two children and more time on my hands than expected. His books kept me entertained when the children were in bed and hubby was working. I owe him a lot but haven’t been able to pick up any of his books since his autobiography; just before his death. Sad I know but he opened the door for me to read hundreds of wonderful thrillers since then; notably, Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride, Val McDermid, Mark Billingham and so many international writers. The list is endless and equally enthralling.

  30. Sorry to see Hannah go.
    Trying to work out the best crime writer is like choosing between my children.
    Ok I think it has to be Karin Slaughter as I find myself engrossed in her books. Although I am just reading the new Linwood Barclay and it is definately a great read.

  31. Agatha Christie: after all she gave us Hercules Poirot. For sheer purity of purpose, the one person who could never be swayed by anything but the truth.

    His simple statement “I do not approve of murder” may seem trite but it covers a philosophy that is proven in book after book that murder not only destroys the victim but the soul of the murderer.

  32. Stieg Larsson, each of his books were completely engrossing and meant I finished the last one in a day which was no small feat!

  33. Hi I would choose Agatha Christie, because the books, films and Tv programmes are just a cut above the rest.

  34. Good luck Hannah in your ‘new job’

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His Sherlock Holmes is the classic criminal Detective ever. I read his books once a year

  35. Shaun Hutson books, is what i am reading at the moment, but i love all different crime and horror Aurthors – as a child i never read much i couldnt find anything i was interested in, till i started reading stephen king, it just took me to another world, a dark and creepy one at that, some of the detectives in the crime novels can be so lovely dovey as i call it so you have the romance there also.

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