My fellow Americans…

Dear Voter,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind assistance with my No Harm Can Come To A Good Man electoral campaign; and to urge you, above all else, to stick with me. As you know, this country was not founded on toil alone; indeed, the graft of many contributes towards the success of us all. And thanks to your efforts in the past – be they donations, votes, town hall meetings or expressions of support through bumper stickers and yard signs – we have shown real signs of growth these past few months. You stuck with me during the death of my son, Sean, and I would ask you to stick with me now.

The idea of #Walker2020, once a dream that I could barely have hoped to realize, is one that I can only attain with your help.

You may have seen alternative slogans, issued by my rivals; or perhaps you witnessed the ClearVista video, a video that exists purely to slur my name. In that video, the way that I am depicted is a lie. The gun, my family, the look on my face: the video is a fabrication. I can assure you, I am a Good Man. I have only ever tried to be this, and my work so far – with the education systems, with healthcare, with weapon control and crime – surely displays that.

But some people will try and bring you down. They will try to make you the man that they say you are. Let me assure you, right now, that I will not succumb. Let me assure you that I will strive to win this election, and to better the lives for us all, and the lives of our children, and our children’s children. I do this not for me, but for them; for my family. No Harm Can Come To A Good Man, the phrase goes; and I am trying to be just that.

So, once more: I can do this, but only with your help. Let’s aim for #Walker2020, together.


Senator Laurence Walker

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