The Killer Reads team’s Halloween reads!

Happy Halloween Killer Reads fans! On the spoooooookiest day of the year we have a real TREAT for you: The Killer Reads team’s favourite Halloween reads! Now don’t be TRICKED these are some seriously creepy reads… how many have you read? We hope you enjoy, but… Read More

Collins Crime Club October picks

The Detective Club returns this month with your October Crime Club picks, starting with Death at Breakfast by John Rhode, a classic winter’s crime novel by one of the most highly regarded exponents of the genre, with the best cover you’ve EVER seen! Victor Harleston awoke with uncharacteristic optimism. Read More

Extract from The Midnight Bell by Jack Higgins

To celebrate the paperback publication of Jack Higgins’ The Midnight Bell, we’re giving you all a sneak peek of this explosive new thriller of murder, terrorism and revenge from the Sunday Times bestselling author. 1… Read More

Extract from Marriage Made Me Do It by Ashley Fontainne

To celebrate the release day of Ashley Fontainne’s new book, Marriage Made Me Do It, we’ve given you all a sneak peek of what to expect in this irreverent thriller about one housewife’s descent into madness… I made it to the top of the stairs when the doorbell rang. Read More

Collins Crime Club September picks

The Detective Club returns this month with your September Crime Club picks, starting with Collins Chiller In the Dark, a collection of tales of terror from E. Nesbit. This spooky collection was first published 30 years ago, after being all but forgotten for nearly 100 years, and reminds us… Read More

Exclusive extract from Copycat by Alex Lake

Ten Years Earlier The first time someone said that Karen was gone for good was during the week after she disappeared. People – mothers – didn’t just leave their kids without warning for days on end, unless there was something wrong. Very wrong. Depressed, maybe, after the birth of… Read More

Q&A with author Alex Day

        Where did the idea for The Missing Twin come from? Strangely, the idea came from a number of different things – people I met, stories I read in the papers and saw online and a Mediterranean location that inspired me. All of these factors were… Read More

Your August Classic Crime Picks

The Detective club is BACK! The exhilarating series of crime fiction with all the whodunit feel of ‘the Golden Age’ of 1920s and 1930s classic crime. The Detective Club present a series of storylines set against glamorous backdrops with their original vintage covers. With a mixed set of tragedies and… Read More

On the setting of I Know My Name by CJ Cooke

Setting is crucial to establish the tone and atmosphere of a novel, and I thought carefully about the ‘where’ of I KNOW MY NAME long before crafting the who, what, and why.             The book has two narrators – Eloise,… Read More

Her Deadly Secret extract

Ahead of the release of Her Deadly Secret by Chris Curran on 21st July, we have an exclusive extract to share with you: Chapter One Joe As the police car brought him home, Joe saw a crowd outside and the cameras started up again. He still had black spots… Read More