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Will Adams is the author of the Daniel Knox series of adventure thrillers, in which the underwater archaeologist hero explores some of the great mysteries of the ancient world.

Before turning to writing, he tried his hand at a multitude of careers, most recently at a London-based firm of communications consultants. His first novel, The Alexander Cipher, has been published in sixteen languages. His second, The Exodus Quest, has already been sold for publication in another ten languages. He writes full-time and lives in Essex.

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One thought on “Will Adams

  1. Newton’s Fire needs to be added to this list!!!

    I’m a bit of a junky for historical fiction. Dan Brown was a start. He did well, though there are plenty out there that bring out issues with his history. So after reading all that Brown wrote, I began on the writings of an Italian Cop – Nic Costa- from the mind of David Hewson. Great reading.

    So, when I came across Will Adams… honestly, I was taking a risk. I hadn’t heard of him. Didn’t know the characters, and wasn’t sure if I would like what was being presented. But, it took approximately 20 minutes to get through (not strong word choice) the first 20-30 pages. To my delight, the main character was as flawed as Nic Costa and as like-able. Real is the word I would use.

    Well I finished the book between work, time with wife and kids and the odd hockey game on tv and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just started The Exodus Quest. Looking forward to the read.

    Thanks Will, you’re doing a great job!!

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