After That Night by Karin Slaughter: Bronze Extract Unlocked!

Congratulations #SlaughterSquad! Your pre-orders of AFTER THAT NIGHT have unlocked the first of three exclusive extracts from the book – enjoy!

“Is that why you got the fellowship instead of him?”

Sara would only say this to Will. “Dr. Nygaard offered me the fellowship because I was the better surgeon.”

He grinned. “You’re better at most things.”

Sara didn’t feel particularly good at anything right now. She reached up to Will’s face and gently touched the scar that zigzagged through his eyebrow. The thin scar tracing up from his lips was bright pink against his skin. She thought about the first time she had kissed him. Her knees had literally gone weak. She’d felt dizzy from his taste. She’d only learned afterward that the scars on his face, the scars on his body, were because his aunt and uncle had lacked the basic decency to shelter a defenseless child.

“You’re trying to protect me,” Will said. “Stop it.”

“You’re trying to protect me,” Sara said. “What’s the difference?”

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