A chilling psychological thriller for a cold winter’s night…

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Kate Stephenson introduces the first title to be published on our brand new Killer Reads digital-first imprint.



I was blown away by Chris Curran’s debut novel, Mindsight, and I knew immediately that I wanted to publish this book. It will surprise you, shock you, terrify you – and it will stay with you. Clare is such a compelling character, and her story is unforgettable. It’s a story of pain, grief, love, and the very darkest of secrets…

Five years ago, Clare killed her family – her husband, her father, and her son. While she has no memory of the car accident, she cannot refute the evidence of drugs in her system. She has accepted her guilt, and served her time.

Now, released from prison, all she wants is to be reconciled with her remaining son, 13-year-old Tommy. But he demands to know the full truth of what happened on that fateful night.

Probing into the past, however, turns out to be dangerous exercise, threatening not only Clare’s sanity, but ultimately her life…


Mindsight publishes on 19th February 2015.
You can preorder your copy now here.

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